Create Sustainable Growth

with Organizational Alignment

and a Healthy Culture

Why Rooted Growth Strategies?

Healthy GrowthI believe businesses have the power to build their communities, one life at a time, by providing stable, meaningful, and rewarding employment. Leaders who strive to build their people through their businesses will cultivate a magnetic culture of high performance and profitability. Over my 25+ years of leading large and small businesses in a variety of industries, the most fulfilling aspect has been witnessing individuals grow both personally and professionally given the stability of a positive work culture.

The metaphor of a healthy, growing tree inspired my business name. I liken a plant’s root system to the culture that fuels an organization’s growth. While I’ve always enjoyed brainstorming sessions to surface ideas for strategic growth and creating plans to align an organization around a common purpose, I’ve learned that the best business plans are limited without a healthy culture. Conversely, I’ve observed companies grow steadily without a clear strategy, fueled by a healthy culture of humility, hard work and care for others. When a solid growth strategy and a great culture come together, the sky is the limit! I am passionate about helping organizations achieve this rooted growth.