System & Soul

Want to grow your business with your people? System and Soul is a framework to help leadership teams get aligned, healthy, and effective.

Have you built your successful business on your own heroics? Would you like to reverse the chaos and continue building the business you love while developing the folks who made your success possible?

Growing businesses inevitably run into:

  • a lack of systems to support rapid expansion
  • the pain and inefficiency of a dysfunctional team
  • misaligned vision and strategy with consistent execution

These problems are common and complex. Founders and leaders like you are often willing and ready to change but lack a catalyst or a clear plan to make change last. You need a system and a soul to reach breakthrough.

Achieve Alignment

It’s challenging to accelerate results if the team is perpetually misaligned or confused about where they’re going, why, and how to contribute.

The System & Soul Framework addresses this issue head-on. During your System & Soul Journey, you will evaluate areas of misalignment and address them directly—everything from people’s roles in your organization to how teams execute plans weekly, quarterly, and annually.

Build Effective Systems

No matter how big and beautiful the vision is, we always fall to the level of our systems. The System & Soul Framework provides teams with proven, reliable tools to begin building the infrastructure, consistency, and habits that help organizations prepare for scale.

You’ll clarify how your team operates weekly and quarterly, define goals, and evaluate results.

Grow with Soul

Growing your business doesn’t have to sacrifice soul for efficiency. Our approach provides both great systems and a focus on people. We bring clarity and dignity to your team as you improve and align your systems. We work with you to increase team health, improve communication, develop leaders, and live out your collective culture.

The System and Soul Model

Design - Get clear on how we move.
  • Structure – We need to define how we organize this business to operate effectively. We’ll do that by rebuilding the Org Chart.
  • Process – We need to have clearly defined and documented ways of doing things. We’ll talk about establishing processes within the core functions of this organization.
  • Bets – We need to define what we’re building toward in the next 1-5 years. We’ll make Bets (risks worth taking to get us where we want to be) in order to have clear, measurable markers for how we’re going to achieve the long-term vision.
Cadence - Move at the same pace.
  • Objectives – We need to be specific and focused every quarter on what we’re working toward as a leadership team. Objectives will require us to agree on what our quarterly focus is as a team. 
  • Healthy F.I.T. – This tool will help us ensure two things: we have the right people in the right seats AND they are in alignment with the values of this business. 
  • Weekly Sync – Every week, this team will need to regroup in order to stay on the same page. We will follow a specific agenda that helps us know where we are, what we’ve accomplished, and solve important issues getting in our way.
Score - Measure our progress.
  • Company – We will build a scoreboard that tracks company-wide metrics and reflects the destination we’re aiming for.
  • Team – Each team will have its own targets on the scoreboard as well to ensure we’re meeting the expectations of the core functions of the business.
  • Individual – Each person on this team will have their own KPIs that help us track, measure, and discuss the performance of the team member in their role. 
Destination - Go in the same direction.
  • Where – We’ll define the big picture: what we hope to achieve in the long-term.
  • When – We’ll set a date 5-10 years down the road.
  • Why – We’ll set an intention and purpose for pushing toward this destination.
Ethos - Know who we are.
  • Identity – We’ll name what makes us who we are and get clear on where we break the mold in our industry.
  • Values – We’ll determine what drives our behavior and activity as a team. 
  • Hedgehog – We’ll solidify what gives this business its authentic power in the marketplace:  what we love, what we’re the best in the world at, and what drives our economic engine. 
People - Right humans, growing and healthy.
  • Culture – Beyond the values we set, we’ll put action behind them to make sure we live them out. We’ll create habits to help us live out our values, and we’ll identify the culture we want in this organization.
  • Problem Solving – We’ll learn how to be more effective problem solvers by following a formula that helps us dig deep into an obstacle and really name what’s at the core. 
  • Leadership – We’ll create a pathway for the people in this organization to learn how to lead themselves well and cascade that leadership down to their direct reports.

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The System and Soul Journey

Gain Clarity, Control, and Breakthrough

The System & Soul Journey is recommended as two years of collaboration through our operating framework and tools. The framework is divided into three phases: Clarity, Control, and Breakthrough.

The Clarity phase focuses on onboarding the tools and best practices in the framework. It’s three full days of learning over the course of one month.

The Control and Breakthrough phases represent a complete year-long cycle of Quarterly refuels and a two-day annual strategy session. Each engagement with our coaches is unique because we offer flexible and customized plans for our clients based on what they need most to achieve their goals.

Free Strategy Sprint Workshop

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