Strategic Planning

I’m a strategy junkie. Always been. I started with a passion for strategy board games and pondering baseball stratgies. I didn’t last long as a software engineer because I was more interested in the business than the techy stuff. While I haven’t completely ditched board games and baseball, today I love to think and discuss business strategies.  

After 20+ years of leading businesses, I’ve learned a couple things about developing and implementing strategies. The best ideas poorly implemented are usually no better than a poor approach that is implemented well. A lack of clarity around what an organization is striving to achieve is often the root of other dysfunctions. How many times have you heard employees complain about the poor communication in their organization. Many communication problems are not due to leaders who can’t or don’t want to keep their teams updated – but rather by a leader’s lack of clarity. It’s difficult to be an effective communicator and keep your team unified when you aren’t clear about the organization’s objectives.

A strategy planning exercise that doesn’t culminate in a cascading communication and action plan involving the entire team is a fun activity but has little value. I’d love to discuss how I can help your organization make plans that will align and empower your team!

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